What Is a Community-First “Market-Entry Journey”?

Choose your own market-entry journey depending on when an innovation is coming to your city.

We have developed a “market-entry journey” that combines best practices in community engagement with best practices in market engagement, evaluation of offerings and contract management—whether in procurement, permitting or regulation. Our scenarios show how you can apply these practices to different situations.

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Inspect each step of the journey in detail

The market-entry journey provides access to the methods and examples for each step along the way.

1. Plan ‘Community-First’

2. Explore Community Needs

3. Market Response

4. Evaluate, Pilot, Plan

5. Agile Oversight

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Choose a Scenario

Whether the arrival of a new mobility service is imminent, or you want to prepare for what might come in the future, these scenarios show how you can apply best practices to these different situations.

Scenario A

A disruption just appeared in my city and I need to engage communities around it to make a policy decision in the next 3-6 months.

Scenario B

I have a new mobility project in the pipeline around which I want to maximize community organizing, participation and empowerment.

Scenario C

I want to build capacity in my community to be an informed and empowered partner for urban mobility and other innovations.

Receive tips for how to use mobility data to achieve policy outcomes in your city