Why Community-First?

The way innovations enter our communities matters

When deploying new mobility services such as bike and scooter sharing services, even in city-led efforts it is often historically marginalized communities that receive these innovations last. This leads to an unbalance in who gets to benefit from these services. This is why we are proposing “community-first” approach to new mobility deployment”

By “community-first,” we mean engaging and empowering communities in decisions about new and future mobility solutions, prioritizing the needs and aspirations of historically-disadvantaged and marginalized communities.

New mobility opportunities should be evaluated against the priorities and aspirations of these communities. This requires that planning and decision-making processes become truly inclusive and ensure that equity principles are upheld. Neighborhoods and communities that need additional support and resources to become empowered by tools that increase knowledge and access.

When new transportation services are deployed in cities without prioritizing the needs and wants of communities who will be affected by them these are not “community-first” approaches.

Non-community-first approaches don’t allow communities to participate in setting priorities and expectations of new mobility services. Furthermore, they don’t empower communities with information and resources to actively participate in these processes. A simple consultation process cannot be mistaken for a community-first approach.

Six reasons why to follow this playbook

What is community-focused market-entry?

Innovate with meaning

We love innovation! This playbook helps you direct it toward outcomes that matter to people most in need. It is good business: funding and enthusiasm, both political and public, rarely run dry for things that work.

We love smart decisions! This playbook helps you gather insights about community needs, markets and best practices. Armed with knowledge, you make smarter choices at every turn.

We love procurement! This playbook helps you work in ways that are more flexible and open. By having a clear purpose, narrative and tools, you will avoid common pitfalls.

We love efficiency! All too often what looks free comes at a high cost later on. Seeing the bigger picture will help you prioritize time, effort and funds to avoid costly surprises.

We love confidence! This playbook helps you develop a position of strength, knowing what you need and why. By putting your community first, you will be in a better place to chart your own course and avoid distractions.

We love clear intent! This playbook helps you understand what it takes to build and maintain trust through planning, listening, learning, co-creating and demonstrating results to all constituents.

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