Community-first Strategy

A strategy that defines of the purpose, values, goals and methods by which innovations in mobility will be deployed in your city. It can be a comprehensive city-wide strategy or an action plan for a short-term undertaking.

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market-entry entails both the modalities of procurement, permitting and regulation as well as the determination on whether an innovation is meaningful to our community.

A strategy guides the process and decisions to encourage a pattern of decisions that result in good accountability, fair market engagement, thoughtful use of resources, focus on what matters and an overall advancement of policy objectives.


In 2018 Edinburgh City Council asked its planning department to report on and provide a strategy for better engagement of young people in the planning process to give young people a stronger voice on issues which affect their lives, showcase their ideas and talents. Ultimately, the aim was to challenge the status quo and create a more positive perception of youth in society.

Measures included a youth volunteer program, planning workshops at schools with youth and children, co-creation activities at youth events and festivals, including specific requirements for developers to include children and youth in pre-project consultation and creating a dedicated youth survey for the city centre transformation and mobility plans.

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Statement of purpose

Define what you want to accomplish by introducing new mobility services in your city. Can include: target groups, tackling chronic or new needs, opening to innovators, improve services. 

Statement of values

Define the values underlying your process. This can include community empowerment, fairness for small business, inclusion of disadvantaged groups, focus on priority outcomes, accepting risk.


Explain available processes like community organizing, co-creation, market research, selecting winners, piloting, regulation, permitting and procurement.


What resources are available to support your ‘community first market-entry’ strategy – financial, assets, partners, prior experiences and expert staff.

Receive tips for how to use mobility data to achieve policy outcomes in your city