Market Research

Market research is a technique to develop a well informed, timely insight as to the different ways the market can meet a need today or in the future. It is a critical input for scoping, planning and budgeting.

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Systematic market research delivers inputs to co-creation, design and procurement.

What solutions are out there that can meet our needs, how can they be financed, how mature are they, how many suppliers could compete for our contracts?

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Market research for Dublin’s Last Mile Delivery procurement challenge found four very different ways to solve congestion caused by urban deliveries: 

  1. Logistics Management Software, 
  2. Autonomous Delivery Vehicles, 
  3. On-Demand Delivery and 
  4. Electric Cargo Bikes.

1,053 suppliers were found that could deliver these solutions using a variety of financing models such as traditional service contracts, co-funding through advertising, business-to-consumer services and software as a service. The city deployed a combination of five solutions as a pilot in 2019.

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Market research plan

Allow time and resources for market research in your project plan.

List of known solutions & ideas

Maintain a list of solutions, products, services (alternatives) that you have discovered and make these available to all stakeholders and constituents.

Supplier research

Seek out suppliers of all types (third sector, SME, local, startup) that can deliver the outcomes (expect >300).

Available financing models

Describe the different financing models you have found (e.g. buy-to-own, service contract, pay for success, license, concession)

Learnings to inform need & KPI

Discuss market research with stakeholders, use it in co-creation sessions and to update your project goals, risk management and resources.

Receive tips for how to use mobility data to achieve policy outcomes in your city