Problem-framing and Contextualizing

A needs or problem statement is a formal document that describes the status quo and a desired outcome. It is used to align stakeholders and residents, communicate purpose, provide critical context, secure resources, define award criteria and timeframes for action.

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Einstein famously said that if he had only 1 hour to save the world, he would spend 55 minutes on framing the problem.

Your market-entry will only be as good as the purpose you set out to achieve. Doing this well is no longer an art, but a technique.


Melbourne used problem-framing to engage stakeholders and later communicate a clear statement of needs to the market.

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Validated statement of need

Make sure you have involved users and stakeholders to develop the needs and problems to be solved. Your statement should be suitable to attract all possible solutions!

Problem statement and root causes

Make sure you are able to clearly discern the desired outcomes from underlying problems and root causes.

Prior learnings

List prior attempts to meet the needs and what was learned in the process.

What success would look like

Describe in clear and tangible terms what success would look like.

Resource statement

What financial and other resources and assets are used today to meet the need, and what additional resources could be available.

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